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Website Hosting & Maintenance Services
We can provide you with round-the-clock editing, reviewing, redesigning, repairing and securing of your site; thereby reducing your burdens and maximising yours goals.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting is an integral part of any website. Hence, we at Freketrix provide you with the complete range of hosting supports for your website to run smoothly.

Web hosting provides the platform, where your website contents resides on the internet. It is measures in space and traffic needed by a site. We have fantastic packages for any size of website.

In getting a Web Hosting package, you will have to consider the size of your website content and the expected traffic. But never mind, there is always a room for upgrading from lesser package to a higher one as your contents grows with us.

We offer quality, secured and reliable hosting services. Click on the following buttons for more details.

Call or contact us to learn more about our competencies in your industry or request our services quote right away.


What we do differently

Keeping your website updated

It is very essential to keep your website updated in order keep your customers in track with your latest promotional offers, services and products.

We at Freketrix will modify, add, update blog, replace images and include shopping carts based on your needs and requirements. We provide you with a clear update of all your requirements in a short span of time.

Restructuring your Site

Based on the statistics of your website and our adept knowledge in various business domains, Freketrix helps you to restructure and redesign your website as per your business needs and requirements. This can help you to upscale your goals and increase your profit.

Protecting your Site

Regular protection and revisiting & enhancing Security of a website is an essential part of website maintenance.
Our expert team keeps track of security policies, database security management, email spam policies, other internet threats and fix the security holes that may arise in your website to ensure its stability.

Monitoring your Site

Monitoring of website frequently, protects it from internet bugs. Freketrix will monitor your website at a regular basis and provide you with the opportunities to improve the nature of your website for better performance among the targeted audience.

Website Maintenance

Every website needs to be maintained regularly in order to keep up with the data. Some of them may require daily updates while few require occasional maintenance.

Up-to-date and relevant contents on your website are paramount. A website that has old, out-dated or irrelevant content can be boring to visitors, resulting loses of traffic.

We know and understand that "content is king". Visitors to your site will keep coming back if the content continues to meet their needs.

In terms of cost effectiveness & time, you may find it cheaper to let us maintain your website on your behalf.

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