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Internet Marketing
Marketing your goods & services on the internet through us is a very rewarding decision.

Want to be discovered? We've got your back. Let Freketrix publicise your business, brand, products, or services for you via the internet. We have various methods that will help you reach more interested audiences that can turn into customers for your business.

Freketrix specializes in creating customized digital marketing campaigns for our clients. We have a team of experts that will bring their knowledge and expertise to helps your business grow and expand.

Online publicity is a great way for you to grow and expand your business. If you want a company that knows how to drive results, look no further than Freketrix. We know how to create campaigns that help our clients grow their business.

Freketrix Digital Margeting approaches includes but not limited to Website Design, Online Advertising, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing.



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Freketrix Digital Margeting Approaches

Website Design

Websites and Apps are the most efficient tool for a business online as it is the only cheap source for digital marketing sales and information about your business.

That is why we employ our professional skills to take your ideas & imagination and transform it into an engaging, appealing, compelling and fucntional website.

Our kind of Websites and Apps offers an interactive, intuitive interface with a logical and easy-to-use navigation & layout, which always makes the difference between a happy visitor and a frustrated web surfer at your website.

Freketrix is good at creating Corporate Website, eCommerce Website, Journal Sites, School website, Church website, etc. Click here to learn how we create, manage, host and maintain websites.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Freketrix offer strategic seo that can improves your business rankings on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, by building traffic on your website and your business to achieve success easier and faster.

For 6+ years we have been helping both large and small scale business to be found easily on search engines. Employ our SEO services and set your business above its competitors.

We guarantee 100% ranking delivery in the search engine. Freketrix optimizations follow search engines' guidelines and best SEO practices to get an appearance on top search engine results.


Our SEO Approaches

  • Website Analysis
  • SEO Audit
  • Keywords Selection
  • Phrases Selection
  • Industry keyword analysis
  • Competitors
  • Content Creation
  • Back links building

SEO Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much will it cost to hire Freketrix SEO services?
    Our SEO service charges are very moderate. It ranges between N50,000 and 100,000

  • How long will it take Freketrix to finish SEO?
    Between 2 to 7 working days

  • How long does it take to rank my site on search engine?
    It can take 2 days to two months depending on your niche, type of website, competitor's activity, budget, etc

  • How often should i perform SEO?
    We suggest a weekly optimizations if you have an aggressive competitors, and every two months if you have little competitors.

  • How do I get started? Contact us and forward your:
       1. Website or Page you want to rank in a search engine.
       2. Propose Keywords or Phrases that people will be using to search for your products/services.

Social Media Marketing

We will help you to create, design and manage your social media platform. With 8+ years of experience in didgital marketing, Freketrix has Social Media Marketing (SMM) experts thta can take your business, products, services, brand, events, or institution to the next level across the globe.

Freketrix experts leverages on Facebook marketing, Instagram advertising, Youtube promotion, Twitter sponsored ads, LinkedIn marketing and many others to achieve your social media marketing objectives.

Social Media Marketing Objectives that We can help you achieve:

  • traffic to your website/page
  • attraction of participant for invents
  • increase followers, likes, shares, and revenues
  • Awareness and public enlightenment
  • maintain active social media presence
  • brand promotion and positioning

Freketrix Social Media Marketing Services

  • Social Media ads setup and management
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  • Content Production and Sharing such as article, press release, case study, video, etc
  • Social Media account creation, monitoring, and updating.

Cost of our Social Media Marketing

  • Social Media ads setup and management - starts from $30 daily per social media
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO) - negotiable
  • Content Production and Sharing such as article, press release, case study, video, etc - negotiable
  • Social Media account creation, monitoring, and updating - negotiable

Want to advertise your business & services through social media?

Email marketing

Email marketing involves both advertising and promotional marketing efforts via e-mail messages to current and prospective customers.

Bulk email marketing is one of the digital advertising tool that can help you reach prospective customers faster and easier. As an experience online marketing agency, Freketrix can help you achieve your company's email marketing objectives and goals.

Email Marketing FAQs

  • Do your mails enter recipient's inbox?
    Yes. Except for promotion oriented titles, all our emails are delivered straight into inbox.

  • Do you send campaign report?
    Yes, we do send a screenshot report of our processes.

  • How much do you charge per email?
    The cost of sending email through us is $2.58 per group of 1000 email

  • How long will it take you to complete sending of emails?
    We use four days to ensure best email delivery.

  • Do you also provide email contents?
    Yes, if you want us to provide. Freketrix can also fine-tune your content to make it marketable.

Ready to get started with Email Marketing?

How To Get Started With Freketrix Digital Marketing


Step 1: Give your detail

Provide the following information:

  1. A brief info your company/organization's services or products.
  2. What do you want to advertise, promote, or publicize?
  3. Website address if any.
  4. Your target audience.
  5. What region or country is the target audience located?
  6. The advertising timeframe and budget
  7. What are your goals? For example, to get traffics, create brand awareness, increase sales, leads, educate potential customers, public enlightenment, get supporters, or a combination of goals, etc.

Step 2: Get Feedback

Your details will help our team on the following:

  1. Situation analysis (this includes SWOT analysis)
  2. Determine the message and creative strategy
  3. Setting communication channels’ goals
  4. Choose the component(s) of digital marketing, e.g., social media, search engine, influencers, Bulk SMS, and online display.
  5. Select online platforms
  6. Then send the campaigns’ scope of reference (daily strategies, sites, routine campaign, etc) to your organisation for review and approval, before the campaign will start.

Step 3: Get It Done


  1. Make the online campaign payment
  2. Freketrix will create all the online campaign creative works like Internet banners, contextual adverts, promotional piece, headlines, videos, etc. The campaign creative works will take between 3 to 7 working days to complete (depending on the number of creative works required to achieve your objectives). All the creative works will be done in your organisation's name with its logo, web address, email, etc, and forward to you first.
  3. Once the agency gets feedback about the creative works, all the internet media owners in the package will be paid and the online campaign will begin within 24 hours.

Reports to get when the campaign begins

  • notification of all the contents’ publications in all the listed platforms within 7 days (with active publications’ links which the publications can be viewed across the target locations)
  • notification of adverts display in all the listed platforms within 48 hours
  • performances on monthly/weekly basis or at the end of the campaign contract

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