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ICT Training
We train you to become a complete professional in your choosen area of endeavour

We offer a variety of specialised training courses and workshops designed to enhance the technological knowledge and capacity gaps of professionals working in diverse career sector. Freketrix Technologies is the finest in providing Software training courses to Individuals, Groups and Corporate bodies.

Today, more than ever, competent professionals are difficult to find. Hence, software knowledge has become a very critical resource. The more knowledge you have, the more valuable you become to yourself and organization. Remember, a higher value often results in higher pay. Do well to download our study app and enroll today.

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However, our interest is for those pursuing excellence and improvement in their chosen career, specifically Technicians, Technologist, Engineers, Architects, Builders, Accountants, Economist, Information Technologists, Managers, and Science oriented persons with a basic computer knowledge.

We understand that a good teacher makes all the difference. That is why each course is uniquely authored and instructed by an expert, to transfer knowledge at its best.

 You can rely on us to become a complete professional in three weeks. You will develop your personal skills in a fast and cheapest way possible. Download any of study our apps to get started.



Training Contents
Our software training programmes have been developed to address the software-usage challenges facing Individuals, Groups and Corporate bodies, working in different scenarios. The training is always presented with the daily practice of the end user in mind. Theory and practical exercises are integrated in the daily programmes to provide the greatest possible benefits to the user.

 General Benefits of our Training

At the of each training, you will:
  • Develop your personal skills in a fast and cheapest way possible
  • Make your resume stronger so it stands out above the crowd.
  • Become more valuable to yourself and company.
  • Improve your competence in your career.
  • Become more efficient on the job.
  • Be exposed to the industry needs and practices
  • Certificate of proficiency as a prove to employers that you have the knowledge they are looking for.

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 Training Modes

In-house Mode: In-house Mode of training leverages the advantages of collaboration and perspective of attendees to meet the tutor physically. It consists of One-to-One discussion with the instructor.

Selpaced Mode: Selpaced mode is targeted toward remote trainees who cannot come to the training center. This mode gives trainees the option to work independently to meet course objectives.

Our Tutors have full academic, professional and teaching qualifications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Register?

  1. Find a course(s) you want to enroll for
  2. Confirm you understand course details
  3. Download our study app and complete the registration with your name as you would like it to appear on your certificate(s).
  4. After confirmation, we will send your login details by e-mail
  5. Use the login details to access your courses and start the training
  6. You can monitor your progress by clicking on Resume - Button within the app

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