Web Service FAQs

What type of web services do you offer?
    We offer:
  • Business Website
  • eCommerce Website
  • Blog or Personal Website
  • Content Management System (CMS)
What type of website should I choose?

This decision will depend on your aims & objectives.

  • Choose Business, if you operate an organisation that is corporate in nature, and:
    • have a physical location
    • offer services (online or offline)
    • accept online appointments
    • want to add visibility and credibility to your organisation
  • Choose eCommerce, if you want to:
    • Sell your products online
    • Reach customers all over the world
    • Expand your business’s sales hours beyond “open to close”
    • Showcase your products in the most professional way
  • Choose CMS or Blog, if you want a website that you can upload and manage content at any time on your own.
How do clients find my web site?

We optimise your home page for search engines and register your site with over twenty-six of the most important of them. You can increase the "traffic" to your website by ensuring that it is refered to in everything you publish.

The World Wide Web consists of millions of "pages" available on the Internet. There are directories and search sites that assist users in finding the pages that they want. These sites use "search engines" to register and catalogue the pages.

How do you manage to offer the best price, product, service and after sales support?

Central to our thinking is that by keeping overheads low and employing field specialists as and when required, clients can be provided with a higher and more focused level of service leading to deliverables which are both clearly defined and built to industry standards which allow future proof maintenance at lower cost.

Will it take a huge investment?

No, we get you on the Internet for a small yearly fee, no huge design bills, no unpredictable update charges, no wasted of time or effort. We provide the complete service in one tidy package.

Will you take care of everything?

We can handle everything if you so desired. We can register your Domain Name, Design your site, Scan your images, Format your text and make regular updates to your site as your service needs changes. All this for a fixed yearly fee - no huge designer fees, no complicated dealings with techies, no worrying about when you can find the time to update your site. Yes, we can do EVERYTHING for you.

But, we also give our clients the leverage to maintain or host thier site as they wish.

Do I need to have a computer?

NO, You can still have your own web site and email address. We will look after it for you and will forward your e-mails by fax.

Modern computers are easy to use and cheap to buy. They serve a wide range of service functions from just typing letters to managing your entire service paper work - and they are fun, so why not try one out. A visit to your local stockist may be quite an eye-opener.

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